Friday, September 22, 2017

Curricular Items

Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2017

Important KissFlow Submission Information for All Proposal Authors and Submitters

From the Chair of the College Senate Curriculum Committee
Please remember that a course or program proposal cannot be approved until the author submits revisions to KissFlow and the revisions are approved by the associate dean, the Curriculum Committee chair, and the provost. If you have outstanding curricular revisions, please complete and submit them so that approval can be expedited.

The proposal review process for the spring 2017 semester has concluded. The Curriculum Committee does not meet during the summer. Any proposal submitted after April 14 will be reviewed in fall 2017.

When submitting curricular proposals, please make sure the proposal accurately reflects the nature of the course or program. A revision should state “Reason for Revision,” as opposed to new, which states “Reason for Addition.” The College Senate Office has received several mismatched proposals recently, leading to inaccurate listings in the Daily Bulletin. Associate deans must ensure that all submissions match their routing forms and proposals before sending them via Kiss Flow to the Senate Office. The Senate Office checks submissions but is not responsible for mismatched documents.