Wednesday, September 20, 2017

From the President

Posted: Thursday, February 26, 2015

Response to Senate Recommendation: Changes to DOPS Policy on Minors

At its February 13, 2015, meeting, the College Senate approved a resolution to revise the policy on minors and forward the recommendation to the president for review and final action.

The following excerpt from a motion by the College Senate Curriculum Committee in December 2014 provides the rationale for this recommendation:

“WHEREAS, there has been an increase in available elective hours for many major programs due to changes in the Intellectual Foundations program, and many departments wish to develop minor programs to increase the learning opportunities for Buffalo State College students; and

WHEREAS, minors are intended as introductory to their topics; and

WHEREAS, the current requirements limiting minors to no more than two courses at the lower-division level cause a hardship in developing accessible minor programs and have led to an excessive number of exceptions to this rule…”

The original language in DOPS IV:05:00, Section E, of the requirements reads as follows:

E. A minor may include no more than two courses at a lower-division level.

The proposed revision to the language appears in boldface type below:

E. A minor may include no more than half of its credit hours at the lower-division level.

I accept the recommendation of the College Senate regarding changes to the requirements for minors. I hereby authorize the provost to oversee the implementation and communication of this change in policy to become effective with the fall 2015 semester.