Wednesday, September 20, 2017

From the President

Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2016

Response to Senate Recommendation: New Certificate Programs

At its May 6, 2016, meeting, the College Senate voted to forward to the president the following recommendation from the Standards for Students Committee regarding new certificate programs at Buffalo State College to ensure that the college is in compliance with SUNY policy. The Senate further recommended that a review of all current certificate programs be undertaken to ensure compliance in all areas.

WHEREAS, many departments and programs at Buffalo State currently have, or are interested in developing, certificate programs;

WHEREAS, SUNY has detailed criteria that address certificate and advanced certificate program creation and approval that is readily available and regularly updated on SUNY’s Academic Affairs’ Academic Program Planning website;

WHEREAS, Buffalo State, as a SUNY institution, must follow SUNY policy; and

WHEREAS, creating a duplicative local policy may lead to administrative inefficiency on campus and non-compliance with changes to SUNY policy,


  1. Review all current credentials and awards that are named “certificates” and campus policies (i.e., 1986 DOPS policy IV:06:00 regarding proposals for graduate certificates) to ensure compliance with SUNY certificate policy;
  2. Either update out-of-compliance credentials and awards to comply with the SUNY certificate policy or rename the credentials and awards to something other than “certificate”;
  3. Educate the campus community (e.g., Senate Curriculum Committee, department chairs, faculty interested in curriculum innovation) on the SUNY certificate and advanced certificate program proposal requirements and process;
  4. Create new certificate programs that are in compliance with the SUNY certificate policy, with special attention to credit ranges, permissible credit overlap with majors/minors/general education requirements, financial aid eligibility, and gainful employment reporting requirements;
  5. Regularly review campus programs, policy, and procedures related to certificates to ensure compliance with SUNY and maximal student impact.

I hereby accept the recommendation of the College Senate regarding new and existing certificate programs at Buffalo State College. The policy becomes effective for new certificate immediately. I charge the provost with the responsibility of reviewing all current certificate programs and making adjustments to bring all programs into compliance by the beginning of the fall 2016 semester.