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Monday, February 22, 2021

Today's Message

Posted: Friday, February 12, 2021

Help Students Succeed: Respond to the Progress Report in the Bengal Success Portal

One of the most exciting features of the Bengal Success Portal is the Student Progress Report. This early intervention tool enables faculty members to inform advisers and students about signs of academic difficulty early on in the term. Upon receiving an alert generated from their instructor's report, students can take immediate steps to improve their performance. When a pattern of concerns arises in relation to a single student, faculty and staff advisers can conduct early outreach so that students can make positive changes to their academic habits.

The Student Progress Report will deploy to all instructors on Friday, February 12, and will remain open until Wednesday, February 24. An e-mail notification with the link to the survey will be sent to all faculty members. Instructors are able to view their class lists and mark whether a student has encountered an issue, or award students “kudos” for a job well done. Students will receive e-mails, and students' advisers will be made aware of this feedback as well. If a cause for concern is identified, students will know that actions need to be taken. By the same token, advisers can then conduct proactive outreach to assist students in helping them to meet their academic goals.

Instructors, please complete the Student Progress Report. Your feedback just might be that extra little “nudge” that students need to put them on the path to success.

Have a question about the Bengal Success Portal? Please e-mail or refer to the online user guides.

Submitted by: Gabriel Marshall
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