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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Today's Message

Posted: Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Important Ensemble–YuJa Video Information: Action Needed

YuJa has replaced Ensemble Video as Buffalo State's media server and video storage, creation, and sharing platform. Buffalo State has been informed by the SUNY Information Technology Exchange Center (ITEC) that we will be unable to preserve links to legacy Ensemble videos at beyond December 31, 2022. All users must update all links to videos stored in YuJa Video for future courses and other sites.

While video links from Ensemble may work now, they will no longer work after December 31.

Please also note that captions and video quizzes that were in Ensemble did not migrate to YuJa during this transition, and action will need to be taken.

Action Items

  • If you have not yet logged in to YuJa to create your account, please take a moment to do so now so that your Ensemble Videos can be moved to your YuJa account.
  • Before January 1, 2023, faculty members and other former users of Ensemble Video must inspect the links in their courses and all other links to Ensemble videos and update them to reference their new location in YuJa. Instructions on how to do this for Brightspace appear in the Knowledge Base article "Remove and Replace Embedded Ensemble Videos with YuJa Videos in Brightspace Courses."
  • If you have videos in YuJa that were previously captioned in Ensemble but have no captions now, please use the Request Captioning ticket to list the video titles you need captions returned to. Under the Additional Comments section, please note “Previously captioned in Ensemble.”
  • For videos in YuJa that were not previously captioned, please follow the instructions at YuJa’s Requesting Auto-Captions page to have new AI-automated captions attached to your videos. No service ticket is necessary.
  • Please refer to the Knowledge Base article "Recreating Ensemble Video Quizzes in YuJa Video" for guidance in that regard.

For training, please check the Workshop Registration System for available group sessions or book an individual appointment, selecting “YuJa Video Question” or "YuJa Video Training" from the available options.

Students, faculty, and staff members can also call YuJa Support toll-free at (888) 257-2278 or email

Submitted by: Todd R. Benzin
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