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Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Posted: Wednesday, November 18, 2020

John Draeger and Brooke Winckelmann, Teaching and Learning Center

John Draeger, director of the Teaching and Learning Center, and Brooke Winckelmann, instructional designer, published their article, "How Metacognitive Instructors Can Use Their Learning Management System to Facilitate Student Learning," in the Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology 9 (1): 92–100. The article explores some of the ways instructors can be metacognitive about course design, including selecting tools in the learning management system (LMS) to support student learning. It offers strategies for being intentional about learning within the LMS and examples of online modules that can be directly incorporated into course instruction or can be self-contained, student-directed, and stand-alone. These examples serve as a blueprint for creating predictable structures that offer guidance and opportunities for students to learn about their own learning. The article also argues that the purposeful use of LMS tools can provide opportunities for instructors to monitor student progress toward learning goals and make adjustments to their instructional method when appropriate.