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Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2021

School of Arts and Sciences Office Staff

From the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences
As the campus is aware, the new School of Arts and Sciences will come into existence on June 1. Thank you to the staff in both the School of Arts and Humanities and the School of Natural and Social Sciences dean’s offices, Information Technology, Human Research Management, Finance and Management, Admissions, Academic Affairs, and the Registrar's Office (and anyone else I am forgetting) for all your hard work to make this transition seamless.

On June 1, the Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office (Rockwell 222; 878-6326) will include the following key personnel:

Brian Cronk, Dean

Kelly Frothingham, Associate Dean of Curriculum and Assessment
• Program Reviews, Program Assessment, Curriculum Development, Catalog Review, Schedule Review, Workload

Carlos Jones, Associate Dean of Academic Standards and Student Success
• Academic Standards and Misconduct, Probation and Dismissal, Retention and Student Success

Anthony Chase, Assistant Dean
• Degree Completion, Recruitment, Alumni Relations, Publicity and Communication, Scholarships, Donors, Interdisciplinary Programs

Carolyn Fusco, Executive Assistant to the Dean
• Budget, Fee, and Facilities Oversight; Personnel Records; Promotion and Renewal for FT

Kathy Fortune, Administrative Assistant II
• Human Resources, Curriculum, and Assessment

Jean Salisbury, Administrative Assistant II
• Budget, Academic Standards, and Student Success

Kimberly Fox, Administrative Assistant
• Assistant to the Dean

I look forward to working with all of my faculty and staff colleagues around campus.

Submitted by: Brian C. Cronk
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