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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Posted: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

SUNY CPD - Professional Development Week: November 18-22

The SUNY Center for Professional Development will host an awareness campaign November 18–22 highlighting the important connection between lifelong learning, personal growth, and transformative organizational success. Webinar topics encompass the areas of personal, professional, and technical development while also delving into the world of executive leadership. Not only is being strategically well-rounded a great personal goal; it can also help you with your professional journey. 

Registration is required for each event.

NYS Procurement: Simply Complex
Monday, November 18
Noon–1:00 p.m.

This presentation will present an overview of the procurement process, including SUNY-specific requirements and exemptions. Topics include solicitation, bidding, and where applicable, approval thresholds, as well as any new procurement legislation. Q&A time included.

Top 10 Accessibility Mistakes You Might Be Making
Tuesday, November 19
Noon–1:00 p.m.

As an educator, you want to get accessibility “right” to create a more inclusive learning space, but what does that mean? How can you make your materials more accessible? This task can be overwhelming and, without the proper tools, frustrating if not impossible. This webinar highlights common mistakes and gives you the knowledge and understanding to improve the experience for both individuals with nonapparent disabilities and those who use adaptive technologies. These tips will also improve accessibility and usability for everyone, creating a better learning environment.

Leadership at Work: Expressing Gratitude
Wednesday, November 20
Noon–1:00 p.m.

Engaging employees to strengthen organizational culture can be complex and uncomfortable. Leaders can play a role in creating a positive work environment by expressing gratitude. Gratitude by definition is the quality of being thankful—possessing readiness to show appreciation and to return thanks. By practicing mindful gratitude, you can contribute to fostering a positive environment in the workplace. This panel discussion will introduce the concept of consciously expressing gratitude while also highlighting the difference between recognition and gratitude, staying genuine, and the measurable impact of gratitude.

Understanding SUNY’s IR Dashboards
Thursday, November 21
Noon–1:00 p.m.

The office of Institutional Research and Data Analytics is the central source for information about the SUNY system. It serves the university's vision, values, mission, and goals by analyzing and reporting institutional data to inform university, campus, and unit-level planning and development. Institutional Research (IR) dashboards provide interactive and visual information on student outcomes and measures such as graduation and retention, as well as fast facts. Learn how these dashboards allow users to drill down and filter to allow detailed exploration and analysis.

Leadership Refresh: Famous Movie Quotes, Leadership Perception, and Personality
Friday, November 22
Noon–1:00 p.m.

Do you have to reorganize your dishwasher if someone else loads it? Do you wonder why you can’t seem to relate to your boss? Join Brigadier General Christopher Eddy, USAF, Retired, as he puts leadership in different contexts, including U.S. history and military, American cinema, and personality analysis. Attendees will explore perceptions about history, their own personalities, and how Americans' favorite movie quotes relate to their leadership style.

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