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Friday, January 20, 2023


From the Vice President for Enrollment Management

Posted: Friday, January 20, 2023

Buffalo State University Brand Guidelines

As you know, SUNY Buffalo State officially became a university on January 15, 2023. The Marketing and Communications Office—which oversees the Buffalo State brand, including advertising and marketing initiatives, visual identity and messaging, social media, media relations, and web and creative services—offers the following guidelines on the transition from SUNY Buffalo State College to SUNY Buffalo State University.

Please take a moment to review the following elements, which pertain to all members of the campus community. Contact Marketing and Communications directly with any questions you may have about these guidelines or any of your communication needs.

And don’t forget to join us for the campus celebration on Tuesday, January 31, at 12:30 p.m. in the Campbell Student Union Social Hall to officially usher in the new name!

Referring to Buffalo State
The official name of the institution is SUNY Buffalo State University. “Buffalo State University” should be used in running text on first reference in most situations, including internal documents and communication (official memos and forms; Daily Bulletin messages; web pages; email intended for current students, faculty, and staff; etc.) and external communication with audiences already familiar with the institution (1300 Elmwood, alumni newsletters, invitations, fundraising materials, etc.). On subsequent reference, “Buffalo State,” “the university,” or “the institution” may be used.

Writing produced for an external audience that may not be familiar with Buffalo State’s affiliation with the State University of New York system should use “SUNY Buffalo State University” on first reference in running text. Examples include official press releases, recruitment and admissions materials, journal articles and other publications, employment advertisements, and grant proposals. If it is necessary to spell out “SUNY” in these situations, “Buffalo State University, State University of New York” is also acceptable on first reference. On subsequent reference, “Buffalo State,” “the university,” or “the institution” may be used.

The abbreviation “BSU” and the truncated “Buff State” are generally discouraged in formal writing but may be acceptable when space is limited or a casual tone is appropriate, such as social media, marketing content, external news headlines, or broadcast news coverage.

Please do not refer to the institution as any of the following or any similar variation:

• Buffalo State College
• the college

Legal Name
The official legal name of the institution, used by New York State and the State Education Department, is SUNY Buffalo State University. The legal name often appears on documents and forms produced for or with the State of New York, for example, student application materials, state budget forms, and diplomas.

Buffalo State Logo, Stationery
The change from “college” to “university” has not affected Buffalo State’s logo, color palette, fonts, or other visual identity components. Please continue to use the Buffalo State logo and your existing supply of letterhead, business cards, or other stationery.

Web and Social Media Presence
Please review your Buffalo State website and web pages, as well as any official Buffalo State social media accounts that fall under your area, for references to “college” and update accordingly.

Email Signatures
Please review your email signatures or other auto-populated forms of electronic communication for any references to “college” and update accordingly.

Please see the Marketing and Communications website for more information.