Thursday, June 8, 2017

Curricular Items

Posted: Thursday, June 8, 2017

Curricular Items

From the Chair of the College Senate Curriculum Committee
The following have been received in the College Senate Office and forwarded to the College Senate Curriculum Committee for fall 2017 review:

Courses Revisions with Intellectual Foundation Designations:
PHY 111 University Physics I. Corequisites: MAT 161 and MAT 163. Calculus-based treatment for science majors of particle motion, kinematics, mechanics, Newtonian dynamics, energy transformation, conservation laws of energy and momentum, gravitation and rotation. Laboratory. Required for physics majors. Offered every semester.

SPF 203 School and Society. Education as a function of a democratic society. Sociological and historical backgrounds of schools. Current issues and problems affecting schools. Objectives, control, and financial support of education in New York State and the United States. Directed observation. Required of elementary education and exceptional education majors according to program; elective for others beyond freshman level. Offered every semester.