Friday, September 22, 2017


Q: Do all faculty and staff members receive the Daily Bulletin?

A: Yes. New faculty and staff are automatically added to the Daily Bulletin recipient list. You may unsubscribe at any time at

Q: I'm not a Buffalo State faculty or staff member. Can I still subscribe to the Daily Bulletin?

A: Yes. Anyone who's interested in Buffalo State is invited to subscribe to the Daily Bulletin at

Q: I want something to appear in more than one issue. Do I need to submit items more than once?

A: No. The new Daily Bulletin allows users to schedule a single submission to appear up to three times. Any faculty or staff member with a current Buffalo State user account (required) may submit items for the Daily Bulletin using the form available at

Q: Can I submit news items and photos for use in the Daily Bulletin?

A: No. If you have photos you would like to share with campus via the Daily Bulletin, please include them on a website that we can link to from your Daily Bulletin submission. As always, College Relations accepts photos from the campus community for use on the college website or on the college’s Flickr, Instagram, or Facebook pages. Please contact (716) 878-4201 or if you would like to share photos with College Relations.

Q: The Daily Bulletin doesn't hold its formatting when I forward it to someone.

A: When you have your e-mail set to compose HTML e-mail, it takes the HTML newsletter you're trying to forward and formats how it think it should be formatted. (Note that not being able to forward an HTML message the way you see it is a common issue.) Other factors: Receiving forwarded HTML newsletters also depends on the receiver's e-mail program settings as well as how the servers in between handle your e-mail.

Q: I'm really having trouble using the Daily Bulletin or changing my e-mail settings. What should I do?

A: Stop by and see us in Cleveland Hall 307, call (716) 878-4201, or e-mail