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From the President

Posted: Thursday, May 28, 2015

Response to Senate Recommendation: Adoption of Policy on 4+1 Undergraduates Enrolling in Graduate Courses

At its May 8, 2015, meeting, the College Senate voted to recommend to the president adoption of the following policy regarding 4+1 undergraduates enrolling in graduate courses:

 4+1 Undergraduates Enrolling in Graduate Courses Policy

WHEREAS, Buffalo State may attract more high-achieving undergraduate students by offering 4+1 programs that will allow undergraduates to apply for conditional admission to graduate school and complete 9 hours of graduate coursework during their senior year; and

WHEREAS, Buffalo State may increase graduate enrollment through 4+1 program pathways; and

WHEREAS, the Graduate School is available to facilitate the development of 4+1 program pathways for departments, but departments would maintain control of participating in 4+1 programs, development of 4+1 curricular pathways, and admissions standards required for these programs,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Buffalo State adopt the following 4+1 Undergraduates Enrolling in Graduate Courses policy:  

4+1 Undergraduates Enrolling in Graduate Courses
Students who have been accepted into one of Buffalo State’s 4+1 programs, combining undergraduate and graduate study, may register for graduate-level courses during their senior year based on department requirements and guidance. A maximum of 9 credit hours (divided between the first and second semester of a student’s senior year) may be taken during the senior year, and students must maintain academic eligibility, as outlined by the admission requirements into the program, throughout their senior year. The combined enrollment of undergraduate and graduate courses should not exceed departmental guidelines.

The graduate courses taken in this manner are related to a graduate program of study and will not apply toward an undergraduate degree. The six-year time limitation on the completion of the master’s degree program applies to these as well as other credits.

I hereby accept the recommendation of the College Senate on 4+1 undergraduate students enrolling in graduate courses. I charge the provost with the responsibility of overseeing the implementation of this policy effective with the fall 2015 semester.