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Monday, November 14, 2022

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Posted: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Blackboard Learn to D2L Brightspace Course Migration

In preparation for the campus migration from Blackboard Learn to D2L Brightspace, courses that were taught with or supplemented by Blackboard Learn can be migrated to D2L Brightspace.

There are two options for migrating your Blackboard Learn course content to Brightspace.

You can manually export courses from Blackboard Learn and import them to Brightspace, or you can request that courses be migrated by SUNY. Faculty members should inspect all migrated courses to ensure that all content has migrated accurately and is functioning as expected.

Manual Export
Faculty members who wish to manually export their Blackboard courses and import them to Brightspace can do so by requesting a Brightspace development shell. This option will be beneficial to those who are working on a course redesign and would like to benefit from the new Brightspace course design format. Once the development shell is created, faculty members can import their Blackboard Learn course to D2L Brightspace. 

Migration Requests 
To request that a course be migrated through SUNY, please complete the Brightspace Course Migration Request Form

Faculty members can request migration of one section of each course they have taught using Blackboard Learn. For example, if you teach the same course in different semesters, please select one section to be migrated. You must complete one form for each course migration request. These requests will be monitored, as the campus will incur a cost for each course migrated from Blackboard to Brightspace.  

Faculty members who wish to have their development shell or course migrated before November 30 are asked to please complete requests by Tuesday, November 15. These requests will be processed and sent to SUNY. Hereafter, requests will be sent to SUNY on a recurring basis until the middle of the spring 2023 semester.  

If you have further questions about the Brightspace project, please submit a ticket to the Buffalo State IT portal. If you have questions about the functionality of Brightspace, please contact SUNY Online.

Submitted by: Meghan EB Pereira
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