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Monday, May 22, 2023

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Posted: Monday, May 22, 2023

Brightspace Basics: Merged and Cross-Listed Rosters in Brightspace

Brightspace has a function in which rosters from multiple sections can be merged into one course site. If you find yourself posting the same materials to different course sections of the same course during a semester, you can request that your course sections be combined into a single Brightspace course site. (Courses that are cross-listed in Banner will be automatically merged in the system. These cross-listed courses are coordinated between the department and the Registrar's Office. You do not need to request a merger.) 

The IT Knowledge Base article Merged and Cross-Listed Rosters in Brightspace gives an overview of the features and steps to take for merged courses and also how to verify that course rosters have been merged.

For cross-listed courses and merged courses, the lowest CRN is the parent course. The parent course is the course you should develop content for and make active when ready. While waiting for the merger, you can develop immediately in the lowest CRN course.

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Submitted by: Meghan EB Pereira
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