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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Curricular Items

Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2021

Curricular Items

From the Chair of the College Senate Curriculum Committee
The following have been received in the College Senate Office and forwarded to the College Senate Curriculum Committee for fall 2021 review:

New Courses:
MUS 215 Caribbean Music and Cultures. A survey of history and current affairs in the Caribbean, using music as the specific lens through which to view the multifaceted cultures of this diverse region. Offered every semester, beginning fall 2022.

MUS 615 Piano Pedagogy for Children. Prerequisite: Acceptance into M.M.Ed. program. Theoretical and applied training for students wishing to develop effective piano teaching strategies for young children. Evaluation of various piano method series, developing healthy technique, hearing the score, error detection, lesson observation, resource development, and performance. Students must have access to keyboard and ability to video record themselves. Offered every other summer semester, beginning summer 2023.

Course Revision:
BIO 355 Survey of Microbiology. Prerequisite: BIO 100 or BIO 101 or BIO 111. Non-majors only. Morphology and physiology of microorganisms. General application to infectious disease, food science, and human microbiome. Importance of human gut microbiome and factors regulating diversity of human-associated microbes. Offered fall semester, beginning fall 2022.