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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Curricular Items

Posted: Thursday, February 8, 2018

Curricular Items

From the Chair of the College Senate Curriculum Committee
The following have been received in the College Senate Office and forwarded to the College Senate Curriculum Committee for spring 2018 review:

Program Revision:
Minor in Anthropology, ANT

New Courses:
DSA 501 Data-Oriented Computing and Analytics. Prerequisite: Instructor permission. Practical hands-on introduction to data science and data analytics tools and acquiring, storing, manipulating, and exploring data, both big and small. Examples from bioinformatics (e.g., genomics), health-care informatics, urban and regional planning, astronomy, and data journalism. Extensive writing of formal reports.

EXE 601 Practicum in Early Childhood Special Education. Prerequisites: EXE 500 or equivalent; EXE 501 or equivalent; EXE 502 or equivalent; one methods course in early childhood students with disabilities; minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in prerequisite coursework; program coordinator permission. Graduate student teaching experience with young children ranging from birth to second grade (age 8) needing special education services, completed in public, private, or charter school classrooms, private agency classrooms, child care, or classrooms in residential settings. Required for graduate teacher candidates seeking certification as teachers of special education. Offered every semester.

Course Revisions:
ENT 351 Analog Circuit Analysis. Prerequisite: ENT 341. Analysis, troubleshooting, and design of foundational circuits employing operational amplifiers (op amp) and other electronic devices; establishment of proficiency with electronic computer analysis tools and electronic instrumentation. Required for electrical engineering technology electronics option majors. Offered fall semester.

ENT 452 Analog Systems Design and Analysis. Prerequisites: ENT 351 and ENT 342. Advanced operational amplifiers (op amp) and linear integrated circuits (IC) applications including analog filters, analog-digital and digital-analog converters, pulse circuits, and wave shaping circuits; analysis of frequency-dependent circuits; sensor interfacing; non-ideal op amp properties; introduction to analog integrated circuit design and printed circuit board (PCB) layout considerations. Required for electrical engineering technology electronics option majors. Offered spring semester.