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Thursday, February 17, 2022


Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Information Technology Looking for Offices, Departments Ready to Move Network Share(s) to SharePoint

Over the next year, Buffalo State College Information Technology will begin moving department shared drives to SharePoint Online. Our team is looking for departments interested in becoming “early adopters” for this project. Some of the benefits of moving to SharePoint:

  • Increased security: Microsoft uses disk and file encryption for all data stored in SharePoint.
  • Increased reliability: Versioning allows you to easily restore previous versions of files.
  • Increased accessibility: Easily access and collaborate on files from on or off campus.

Offices that volunteer can expect the following:

  • Our team will reach out to your office to review the process, answer questions, and schedule the move.
  • A new SharePoint Online site will be created for your office, and member access to this new site will mirror access to the department shared drive.
  • To minimize disruption to the people in your office, the file transfer from the department drive to SharePoint will be scheduled on a Friday outside of normal business hours.
  • The file transfer process can take 12–36 hours, depending on the volume of data being transferred.
  • Once the file transfer begins, the original shared drive will no longer be accessible. Members with access will receive a Welcome to the GRP-DepartmentName Group message when the transfer is complete. Follow these steps to access the new SharePoint site.
  • Folder structure in SharePoint site will mirror shared drive folder structure.

If your office is interested in becoming an early adopter for this project, please complete this Qualtrics form to let us know. Once the form is received, our team will reach out to your department with next steps.

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