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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Campus Community

Posted: Monday, November 15, 2021

New Program Available to Students who Struggle with Marijuana Use

The Buffalo State College Counseling Center will offer a new program to assist students in reducing harms associated with marijuana use. Cannabis Screening and Intervention for College Students (CASICS) aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make empowered choices regarding their use.

Marijuana use among college students is the highest it has been in 35 years and is associated with negative physical, mental, emotional, relational, and academic effects. With marijuana becoming legal in New York State, there can be a lot of conflicting messages and confusion about the risks of use, and many students may find that their marijuana use is having a harmful effect on their lives.

CASICS is a two-session, brief motivational interviewing-based intervention in which students are provided information about the impact of cannabis use, explore personalized feedback and recommendations based on their own experiences, set goals related to their use, and identify ways to minimize the impact of marijuana on their lives. 

As faculty and staff members, we are often the first to identify that a student is struggling, and we are in a unique position to support our students. If you would like more information about CASICS, how to have a conversation with a student about his or her marijuana use, or how to refer a student to the program, please contact Ashley Maracle, L.C.S.W., case manager and senior counselor in the Weigel Wellness Center.

This program is being evaluated as part of a doctoral capstone project. If you’re willing and able to, please complete a brief survey about any information you receive about CASICS.

Submitted by: Ashley N. Maracle
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