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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Campus Community

Posted: Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Please Help Us Meet Our SEFA United Way Campaign Goal

From the SEFA United Way Campaign Chair
Wendy A. Paterson, Dean of the School of Education

Many thanks to the 15 percent of our employees who have donated more than 50 percent of our goal for the United Way this year! That means that 85 percent of faculty and staff members still have opportunities to give even a small amount to support the thousands of human service agencies supported by SEFA United Way. Every year we make this plea, and every year those who give, give again. For those of you who have not yet sent in your pledged contribution, may I appeal to you this year especially?

We have just come from the most devastating year for our global family in recent history. Our attempts to constrain our human interaction were necessary, but the results of that year of fear and social isolation continue to be devastating. Many families have lost loved ones or been affected by the pandemic in more ways than any of us may know about our neighbors and co-workers. In this year, we need to be deliberate in our care for the human race. We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. We are the only way that many social service agencies can survive to offer support, strength, and comfort to those who need them. Please register your e-pledge today because time is running short.

As a reminder, there are some great prizes for those who pledge. (We will use the same virtual raffle tickets for each drawing.):

First prize - 150th anniversary Sunday brunch with champagne at the President’s House for 10 people (President)

Second prize - Reserved parking space (VP Barnum)

Third prize - Office pizza party for up to 12 (Provost Mayrose)

Fourth prize - One-year membership to the Fitness Center (VP Gordon / Athletics)

Fifth prize - Two tickets to the Scholarship Gala (VP Finnerty)

Sixth prize - $100 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble at Buffalo State Bookstore (Lynn Puma)

Seventh prize - Lunch for two and other surprise items to celebrate Campus House 20th anniversary (Jeffrey Hirschfelt)

Thank you for your support.