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Friday, May 14, 2021

From the President

Posted: Friday, May 14, 2021

Response to College Senate Recommendation: Skills and Competencies Infused Courses

At its May 8, 2020, meeting, the College Senate voted in favor of a resolution on the DOPS Policy for Skills and Competencies Infused Courses, Policy IV:13:00, presented by the College Senate Curriculum Committee.


Policy Number: IV: 13:00
Date: July 23, 2008
Subject: Skills and Competencies Infused Courses

The skills and competencies of writing, information management, and critical thinking are infused in certain courses within an undergraduate student’s program of study. Courses that are infused with these competencies carry the designations writing infused (WI), critical thinking (CT), and information management (IM). Courses no longer carry the designation writing intensive (W). All students are responsible for successfully completing courses in their major or equivalents that infuse these competencies. Students should meet with an academic adviser to identify courses within their majors that satisfy these requirements.

Students must take a minimum of two WI courses and one CT and one IM course in their programs of study.

The student learning outcomes (SLOs) for WI, CT, and IM skills and competencies can be found on the College’s Intellectual Foundations website.

The process to designate a course as WI, CT, and/or IM is as follows: departments upload the course proposal and IF 2014 narrative to the online management system for SIFOC review.

I hereby accept the recommendation of the College Senate and charge the provost with responsibility for overseeing the implementation of this policy change and for communicating the change to the campus community.