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Monday, May 3, 2021

From the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Posted: Monday, May 3, 2021

Institutional Planning Advisory Committee (IPAC) Update

Our campus community was provided with details of the new Institutional Planning Advisory Committee (IPAC) in the Daily Bulletin on March 15. The role of IPAC will be to serve as a conduit between multiple areas of the college, serve as the coordinating body of strategic planning initiatives, and provide leadership in the following ways:

  • Oversee the iterative strategic planning process and its implementation.
  • Monitor and adjust the ongoing strategic planning process to meet the college’s needs. 
  • Strengthen and focus the analytics required for planning, assessment, and student success. 
  • Regularly communicate assessment and planning progress to faculty, staff, and students.
  • Share information and assessment results with the Institutional Effectiveness Committee for possible inclusion in the Middle States Self-Study materials. 
  • Develop recommendations for actions and goals within the broad parameters of the strategic plan and the college’s mission for submission to the president and cabinet. 

Kim Barron, assistant vice president for institutional effectiveness and planning, and I will serve as co-chairs of IPAC. We will work with the following individuals, who have generously offered their time and talent to serving as IPAC members:

  • Philip Badaszewski, Assistant Dean, Residence Life Office
  • William Benfanti, Associate Vice President for Government Relations, Institutional Advancement Office
  • Elisa Bergslien, Associate Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education Department
  • Andrew Binder, Director of Operations, Performing Arts Center at Rockwell Hall
  • Emily Boyce, Associate Professor, Music Department
  • Curtis Brickhouse, Director of Student Affairs Operations, Student Affairs
  • Kelly D’Aloisio, Director, Financial Management Office
  • Robert Delprino, Professor, Psychology Department
  • Ann Emo, Chair and Professor, Theater Department
  • Katrina Fulcher, Associate Professor, Speech-Language Pathology Department
  • Tiffany Fuzak, Research Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning Office
  • Michelle Hockett, Associate for Institutional Research, Institutional Research Office
  • Jonathan Hulbert, Director of Leadership and Organizational Development, Professional Development Center
  • Yanick Jenkins, Director, Educational Opportunity Program
  • Lin Xia Jiang, Professor, Art and Design Department
  • Kim Kline, Professor, Higher Education Administration Department
  • Carolynn Krupp, Director of Institutional Planning, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning Office
  • David Loreto, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Admissions Office
  • Charles Lyons, Director, E. H. Butler Library
  • Gabriel Marshall, Assistant Vice President and Senior Adviser for Student Success and Retention, Academic Affairs
  • Ashley Martin, Director of Student Achievement Programs, Academic Success
  • Amy McMillan, Director, Muriel A. Howard Honors Program
  • Melissa Meehan, Director of Web Administration, Marketing and Communications Office
  • Kristen Mruk, Associate Director, Student Leadership and Engagement Office
  • Laura Hill Rao, Director, Civic and Community Engagement Office
  • Sarah Reid, Campus Planner, Campus Planning Office
  • Crystal Rodriguez-Dabney, Chief of Staff and Chief Diversity Officer, President’s Office
  • Bhakti Sharma, Associate Professor, Art and Design Department
  • Deborah Silverman, Chair and Associate Professor, Communication Department
  • Gary Solar, Chair and Associate Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education Department
  • Amitra Wall, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Amy Wilson, Chair and Associate Professor, Higher Education Administration Department
  • Student Representative (to be determined)

We are planning our first meeting for early May. Updates on IPAC activities as well as opportunities for the campus community to communicate with IPAC will continue to be provided in the Daily Bulletin. Please direct questions to Kim Barron and watch for updates in the Daily Bulletin.