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Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2021

School of Arts and Sciences Steering Council, Committee Representatives

The Temporary Elections Committee of the School of Arts and Sciences announces the Steering Council and committee representatives for 2021–2022. Nominations were received through March 30, and voting took place from April 12 through 16. The election for Senate seats will be held following the full college vote to determine the number of seats available to the School of Arts and Sciences. 

School of Arts and Sciences
Steering Council

Kevin Williams, Speaker
Deborah Silverman, Vice Speaker
Meg Knowles, Secretary                                                                            
Lisa Berglund, At-Large Representative to the Steering Council
Therese Fuerst, Voting Member Who Does Not Hold Continuing Appointment, Representative to the Steering Council

Bylaws and Elections Committee Members
Victoria Furby, Arts                                      
Barish Ali, Humanities
David Abbott, Natural Sciences
Kimberly Hart, Social Sciences

Curriculum Committee Members
Emily Boyce, Arts
Ann Emo, Arts
Timothy Bryant, Humanities
Mark Warford, Humanities
Stephani Foraker, Natural Sciences
Gary Solar, Natural Sciences
Susan Maguire, Social Sciences
Julie Wieczkowski, Social Sciences

Personnel Committee Members
Ricky Fleming, Arts
Joseph Marren, Humanities
Mark Severson, Natural Sciences
Lisa Marie Anselmi, Social Sciences

Submitted by: Carol A. DeNysschen
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Wednesday, April 21, 2021