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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

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Posted: Friday, January 28, 2022

Smart Classrooms Update

As part of the Classroom Building renovation project, several classrooms in the A Wing of Buckham Hall have been reopened for use. During winter break, Classroom Support staff worked hard to perform a technology refresh on these classrooms. This includes new high-definition projection and a complete reinstall of the digital presentation technology in each of the 12 generally scheduled classrooms, as well as several department spaces. The teaching equipment in Buckham's generally scheduled classrooms is now consistent with typical digital classroom installs in other buildings.

If you are scheduled to teach in a refreshed room in Buckham Hall (or any other generally scheduled classroom), we encourage you to visit the room before your first class. The documentation for these spaces has been updated across Classroom Support's Knowledge Base articles. A full listing of spaces, including AV system operation instructions and pictures of each room, is available on the Information Technology website.

Tip: Type your classroom name into the IT portal search bar to quickly find the article for your generally scheduled classroom.

Please contact Classroom Support with any questions or concerns by filing a ticket or calling (716) 878-6670.

Submitted by: Justin J. Sledz
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