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Thursday, September 9, 2021

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Posted: Thursday, September 2, 2021

Student Organization Adviser Interest Form

Each year, Student Leadership and Engagement receives multiple requests from students to create new organizations on campus. At times, these organizations are without a faculty or staff adviser, and student leaders are unsure where to look on campus to fill the role. Existing student organizations sometimes return for a new semester to find that their adviser position has become vacant and must be filled.

Faculty or staff members who are interested in advising a student organization are invited to fill out the Student Organization Adviser Interest Form to have their names placed on a list to be considered when organizations are without an adviser. This list of potential advisers will serve as a reference for student organization leaders in need of an adviser. List members may be contacted for future opportunities.

Roles and Responsibilities of Advisers

  • Must be a full-time faculty or staff member. Graduate assistants or interns are not eligible to serve as student organization advisers. 
  • Must have knowledge and understanding of the student organization(s) mission, values, and history, lending continuity to the organization.
  • Must be aware of and attend (when necessary) activities, meetings, and programs sponsored by the student organization.
  • Must build trust with the student organization and establish guidelines for their role as advisers.
  • Must encourage members to assume responsibility for their actions and the effectiveness of their programs.
  • Must guide while at the same time allow freedom for members to plan and coordinate their own activities and programs.
  • Must provide knowledge and information relevant to the needs of the organization through expertise and experience.

Please contact Luke Haumesser, associate director of student leadership and engagement, with questions or for more information.

Submitted by: Luke C. Haumesser
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