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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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Posted: Friday, April 2, 2021

Tell Students: 2021-2022 Student Organization Registration

Student Leadership and Engagement reminds students that the 2021–2022 re-registration process for returning student organizations is officially underway. To ensure the educational integrity of co-curricular activities on campus, the college has established registration procedures for student organizations. Student organizations include clubs, organizations, fraternities, sororities, social fellowships, and honorary societies. 

Bengal Connect Requirement
All student organizations registered with Buffalo State College are required to have an updated and active Bengal Connect page. Bengal Connect is provided by United Students Government (USG) to connect students with affiliated organizations and extracurricular activities that enrich the campus community.

Re-registration Process for Returning Student Organizations
Student organizations already recognized at Buffalo State must apply for re-registration on an annual basis. It is the responsibility of the student organization to complete this process. Failure to comply with the re-registration process may result in a revocation of your student organization’s registration status.

Please visit Student Leadership and Engagement's website for step-by-step instructions for Bengal Connect Registration.

  1. The re-registration period will begin on April 1 and end on May 31 each academic year.
  2. Complete the student organization re-registration process via Bengal Connect.
  3. Provide an updated active membership roster of at least 10 Buffalo State students, including the newly elected executive board (president, vice president, treasurer, secretary) for the upcoming academic year. All executive board members must be registered as full-time (12 credits), matriculated Buffalo State students.
  4. Submit the student organization’s most recent constitution and bylaws via Bengal Connect.
  5. Submit an updated Adviser Agreement Form. Student organization advisers must be full-time Buffalo State faculty or staff members. If you need a new adviser, the Student Leadership and Engagement Office can assist in matching you to a full-time faculty or staff member through the Adviser Interest Form.

All student organizations will be required to attend the mandatory annual meeting with Student Leadership and Engagement to be trained on Buffalo State policies and procedures. This meeting will occur in the first few weeks of the academic year. Each student organization will be required to send at least one representative to this meeting. Failure to do so may result in the following:

  • All current space reservations will be placed on hold.
  • Organization will be unable to reserve future space in the Campbell Student Union, Butler Library, academic buildings, recreation fields, or the Houston Gym or Sports Arena.

United Students Government (USG) Recognition
The United Students Government (USG) serves as an official recognizing agent at Buffalo State. USG recognition is a separate process and provides student organizations the opportunity to qualify for activity fee funds in addition to other benefits.

All currently recognized USG member organizations must complete USG re-recognition once every three years. However, all organizations are required to register via Bengal Connect with an updated roster, contact information, adviser, and constitution on an annual basis.

Benefits of Student Organization Registration

  • The college acknowledges the student organization as an affiliated entity.
  • Use of the college’s name to indicate the location of the organization.
  • Use of the college’s logo and identity marks. Please refer to the college’s rules and regulations on trademarks and licensing.
  • Space reservation on campus: registered clubs and organizations are eligible to reserve space in the Campbell Student Union, Butler Library, academic buildings, recreation fields, and the Houston Gym and Sports Arena.
  • Pre-scheduling major events: registered student organizations can pre-schedule all major events one semester in advance.
  • Access to Bengal Connect.
  • Access to Student Organization Resource Center (student organizations recognized by the United Students Government will receive priority for desk space).
  • Ability to be funded through the student activity fee.
Submitted by: Luke C. Haumesser
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