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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

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Posted: Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Tell Students: Transition of Student Email from Gmail to Outlook Starts May 22

Buffalo State Information Technology is excited to announce that all current students will soon be receiving a brand-new email account in Outlook. Students will be able to access these new accounts starting Monday, May 22. This is part of the university’s plan to phase out Google accounts by summer 2024. While students will still be able to access their Google accounts for a full year after receiving their Outlook accounts, the new Outlook address will become their primary account and should be used for official campus communication.

Some important details about these new accounts:

  • New email address | Starting May 22, students will have a new email address in the format of All new mail will be delivered to this address.
  • Message Forwarding | Starting May 22, messages sent to a student’s old address ( will be forwarded to their new Outlook address.
  • Mailbox Migration | A one-time copy of each student’s mailbox from Gmail to Outlook will occur during summer 2023. This migration will be staggered, so mail in a student's Gmail Inbox may not appear in their Outlook Inbox right away.
  • Accessing Outlook email | Students can access their email from a web browser or by using the Outlook mobile or desktop app.
  • Sign-in with network credentials | Unlike with Gmail, which requires a separate password, students will sign in to Outlook using their network credentials.
  • Retaining Access to Outlook | Students will retain access to their Microsoft 365 account for approximately one full year after leaving Buffalo State.

Some important details about Gmail accounts:

Following the closure of Google accounts next summer, faculty members in the School of Education who use Google Classroom will be able to request Google accounts for themselves and their classes by submitting a ticket. Google accounts will be accessible only for the duration of the term requested.

We’ve also provided some links to share with students explaining how to transfer contacts, calendar events, and Google Drive contents. Please share these with students as needed.

To learn more about this project, please visit the Microsoft 365 Project Information and Frequently Asked Questions pages. Students in need of assistance can email the Help Desk or open a Technology Help ticket.

Submitted by: Jason P. Welborn