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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Today's Message

Posted: Monday, November 8, 2021

Tell Students: Make Your Exam Appointments Online for the Testing Center at Student Accessibility Services

Do you have students who need to take their exams in the Testing Center at Student Accessibility Services (SAS)?

The Testing Center is student-driven, meaning that students are empowered to take ownership of their exam accommodations; it is their right to determine when and if they want to use their exam accommodations.

We strongly urge instructors to remind students to schedule their own exam appointments directly with the Testing Center using the online form found on the SAS website. Scheduling directly with the Testing Center enables the student to ensure they are receiving all their exam accommodations.

Additionally, when the Testing Center operates in the student-driven model, the following benefits are accomplished:

  • Instructors receive an email for each exam appointment made, ensuring that they are aware of which student(s) are taking their exam at the Testing Center and which are not.
  • There is a reduction in unnecessary communications, emails, and workload due to assumptions that a student(s) will take their exam in the Testing Center.
  • There is a preservation of resources used in preparation for the administration of exams for student(s) who have no intention of using the Testing Center for their exam(s).

We would like to thank all Buffalo State instructors for their participation, understanding, and support during this cultural change.

If your students need assistance completing the online form, or if they have questions about their responsibilities, they should email Andrea Gustafson, staff member in charge of the Testing Center, at or make an appointment with her through the Bengal Success Portal to review the process.

Submitted by: Andrea G. Gustafson
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